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loading redhat 6.2 via ftp

screenshot from my linux box at work

because there are several stupid reasons i like linux, i feel this unexplainable need to be surrounded by linux machines where ever i go. i often find myself with a prime candidate for linux, only i am without a cd to load it on. now your prayers have been answered:

determine your network settings (DNS, IP, netmask, gateway, etc.) or if you are fortunate, your network will hand this stuff out via dhcp. i suppose you could try this via PPP, but it requires 600+ MB of packages, and if you get dropped... well you get the idea.

pick the FTP server you want to use. this is important since you will have to type the path to the RedHat directory as part of the install process.

download raw write for windows

download this disk image

burn the image to disk with raw write (if you are using linux it's dd if=bootnet.img of=/dev/fd0 )

boot off the disk

go thru the prompts and stuff until it asks you to choose NFS, FTP or HTTP. i chose FTP cuz HTTP never worked. you will have to specify a directory to install from, so you will want to search ahead before installing. you will need to supply the path all the way to the /RedHat directory (case sensitive) so on the secont line you will have to put something like pub/linux/redhat/redhat-6.2/i386. from there if everything works, it will download the ramdisk and kernel it uses, and let you pick packages and everything.

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