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so this weblog is going on 6 years old. i have been using blogger this whole time, in the good times and the bad times. the blogger application has served me well, and has made keeping this site and others up to date a real breeze. i haven't always had nice things to say about blogger, but there's always been love there... like it is with family. now that they are part of google the outages that tried my patience in 2001 and 2002 have melted away. i have hosted 5 other blogs with blogspot, two of them are still up, and one is a collaborration with two toehr people (who i had to recruit to blogger :-) so i'd say that makes me fairly oldschool. i owe blogger a big thankyou for letting me write stuff that i can see on my screen, no necessarily for the rest of the world to see, tho they could see it if they wanted to :-)

it's coming up on 2005 as of this update, and my main blog page has outgrown itself. it is pushing 250k in size, not counting images, and takes a long time to load. i added the little floating button to help navigation, but not even that will suffice. so i am in the process of rotating out the 2004 blog and putting the 2005 one in place. i will wait for 2005 officailly to complete the task, but i have everything archived now and the new navigation in. this page update is the second to the last step in the process. so on your left you will see the 2001 thru 2004 archives. 2001 is a little skimpy, while 2004 is a monster. at some point when i am feeling very self indulgent, i will go thru all of my writing and select the good stuff to be linked to in a "greatest hits" page. the act of poring thru my old posts and marveling at the sheer size of this thing is indulgent enough, so we'll leave that for next year.

if you have something to say, you can drop me a line, perhaps to suggest a post for the greatest hits page, or maybe some hatemail, either one is cool.

2006 update: over a year has come and gone, i have yet to get my greatest hits compiled. this isn't because i am lazy, it's just that when you rant and rave about things like i do, it's hard to separate the signal from the noise. reading over my older stuff is easier than reading thru my current stuff, since as i do this blogging thing more, i become more prolific in my writing. perhaps now i will focus on being more concise, so i don't have to write as many words to say what i want to say.

also, this site gets no traffic and it's impossible to submit feedback, so i have no idea what people think is good and is not.

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