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Monday, October 15, 2001

now that the US is retalliating:

bin laden and the taliban should have known: if you keep campaigning for a beat down, sooner or later you will get elected. the votes are in, and you're going down.

when i was in the military, i wound up in military intelligence units. i was not an MI soldier; i was a clerk. in my time there i picked up a thing or two about how the US fights wars. when i was in basic training, the scenario i was trained for was a large scale occupation of a theoretical woodland country that i always figured was supposed to be france. when i helped train troops for bosnia in various military exercises, i knew that we would not be using tanks and conventional foot soldiers to invade countries any more. we would rely on air superiority and intelligence first and foremost, and make use of unconventional forces such as electronic warfare, psyops, and special ops to win. sun tzu says that a war is fought with the mind and the spirit. to beat an enemy you must first know him well, and then crush his sirit.

this is why i think that once we get past the air superiority phase and into the guerilla war, the war on terrorism will be unlike anything we have seen from the US military. we have long been aware of the role special ops plays in warfare, from the tail end of WWII and vietnam and every military conflict since. specops has always played a small but critical role, but now i think this war will be mostly specops. the intent of the bombing right now is to eliminate:
air defenses and radar = so we can bring in attack helicopters to insert and support commandos
training camps = so they can't produce more guerillas
communication centers = so they can't share information or spread propaganda
command centers = so they will be less able to respond appropriately

once the path has been cleared and the taliban has been ousted, activity in afghanistan will drop off and we will see the conflict happen in short sporadic bursts. most of the action will be night raids where groups will be ambushed, stratigic resources will be sabotaged, and key leaders will be kidnapped and/or assassinated. we will have to win over some of the population since they will be a vital source of intelligence. they will know the terrain the best which will be of tremendous benefit in mountainous terrain that is covered with land mines. this is part of the reason for the humanitarian aid drops.
posted by chris anderson 12:09 PM

Monday, September 17, 2001

what i have to say about the WTC:

as a soldier who served 9 years in the US army:
it makes my blood boil to see the death and destruction. i want to grab my gear and go fight, but i don't have it any more. all i have left are some scars, and my old combat boots thrown to the back of a closet to be forgotten. i think of how they have walked 4 different continents serving america. if the time comes and i must answer the call, i will pull those boots out and wear them on a new continient. for now, rather than packing up to go, i am going to give blood instead. i am type O, so it will be needed.

as a husband and a father of two:
while my blood boils when i see the death and destruction in my country, i know that attacking innocents in another country would be just as bad as what those terrorists did to new york and washington D.C. i do not want my family to live in fear, but at the same time i don't want another soldier in another land to lose his family either. i hope that the US retalliation is swift and severe, but also accurate, and efficient. punish those who are responsible. punish them so severely and so publicly that every terrorist, foriegn or domestic knows that terrorism will not be tolerated. but please don't hurt any more innocents. fight them their way, on their soil, but without further loss of civilian lives. our special operations groups, with the support of the intelligence community, can target terrorist organizations and take them down. i just hope that there is no further "collateral damage."

as a man who lived as a foreigner in another country:
my heart goes out to muslim americans. i wish them no ill will, and i apologoze for any unfair treatment that you may be receiving. the muslims who carry out the atrocious attacks are extremists, just like the white supremists who blew up the federal building in oklahoma city. muslim americans are no more responsible for this tragedy than protestant whites were for oklahoma city. i would hate to see muslim americans put into camps the way the japanese were after pearl harbor.

i know that america will rise above this tragedy to be bigger and stronger than is ever was.

finally, to the terorists who are responsible for the atrocity i would like to say one thing:
that was a stupid move to make with a texan in the whitehouse. that little man has wanted to play sherif his whole life, and you just gave him an opportunity.
posted by chris anderson 11:29 AM

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

i was approached a few days ago about moderating a couple of discussion boards for a teach u linux. i was surprised to say the least. i have been writing articles and stuff and so far the response has been positive :-) i am glad to be taking part in the linux community. i wish there was a site like that when i was first learning about linux. now i know where to go to find the info i need, but it was a very daunting task at first. i even got LARTed by some self important jerk off for asking him a question directly by email. but i am not bitter about it, i took the high road. hell i even apologized for the breach of protocol.

in other news, i found the solution to checking the file size for my upgrade to getnews.sh. there is a little tool called /bin/test that returns true or false if tell it to test something. test -s filename will return true if the file is present and of a size greater than 0. i just love unix. now all i have to do is get the bugs worked out and i will put him to work on this site. my current bug (the show stopper if you will) is figuring out how to call function from an if/else statement that is running in a do/while loop inside of another function. so far that doesn't work :-(
posted by chris anderson 1:33 AM

Monday, August 13, 2001

smaug is back where he should be and now all is right with the world. i want to fix getnews to keep trying to pull headlines if they are not available, as it stands right now, if he fails to pull headlines then he over writes the include files with empty files. i sort of have it worked out how i want to do it, but not really: i want him to pull the files down and check their sizes. if the files are empty (0k in size) then i want him to wait and pull them down again. the if else stuff doesn't trouble me, it's checking the size of the file. this is quickly turning into something i should use perl for.
posted by chris anderson 3:27 PM

Friday, August 10, 2001

my site was offline for a few days thanks to a storm in grand forks (north dakota, i think) that killed the power to smaug. he is back online now (obviously) collocated with thorin. the site will be a little slow until smaug can get back on his own segment. smaug’s not mine and i have nothing to do with his maintenance. i am able to use him courtesy of the wonderful folks that run hobbiton.org.

i have added this blog thing in an effort to make keeping stuff updated simpler. we’ll see how it works out. it came to my attention that some people do in fact visit this site once in a while. i hit it several times a day to read the newslinks, but i figured i was the only one. so now that i know there is a small audience, i should probably do more with it.

posted by chris anderson 6:52 PM

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